Happy Holidays From Us At Kakuchopurei!

Greetings and salutations. Hopefully you had an awesome 2019, because we sure did!

We covered a lot of gaming and esports stuff, as well as witness history with landmark Southeast Asia happenings like the Olympics-level SEA Games Esports competition to a slew of gaming and anime expos. Most importantly, we’ve played and checked out the best (and worst) video games of the year.

We’ve also had a LOT of viewers checking out our website, so that’s cool. Thanks for that, everyone; we’ll keep doing our best. And because of all that, we think we should take a bit of a breather.

Kakuchopurei will be taking a short break from today 24th December until the 13th of January 2020. The site will have some scheduled updates or two popping up, but we won’t be active until then.

Yes, our Best of 2019 features and videos will still be published between those weeks. No, there won’t be much news happening during those periods unless something breaking occurs. Yes, we’ll still be streaming video games on Facebook, but sporadically and probably in a casual manner as always. And yes, we’ll be scheduling a Facebook giveaway contest before New Year’s Eve hits.

We’ll be spending our free time with our loved ones, our families, and our friends. Some of us may be taking a trip or two. Either way, we need to recharge our batteries so that we can do even more cool features, videos, and whatnot involving video games and pop culture for 2020. We suggest you also chillax and play some video games. Or experience life. You do you!

And with that, we’ll be seeing you next year. Don’t be stranger, video game fans, and happy holidays!

Author: Team KKP

If you see this under "author", it means that Kakuchopurei's collective of awesome writers and guest(s) worked together to make this news-slash-feature happen.

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