Look Out, Baby Yoda, Here Comes Baby Sonic

Since The Mandalorian debuted in November 2019, the sheer cuteness of the adorable Baby Yoda has taken the Internet and the world by storm. Now, a challenger to the throne has arrived; in the form of none other than Baby Sonic from the upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog movie.

Baby Sonic

An exclusive Japanese trailer for the movie has revealed that the Sonic The Hedgehog movie will explore the origins of the iconic SEGA mascot. Apparently, that includes actually depicting him as a child, and thus, Baby Sonic is born.

Baby Sonic 3

If there’s Baby Sonic, then there’s probably a Papa and Mama Sonic as well. Let’s hope they manage to turn all this into something decent in the actual movie, and not as cringy as it sounds on paper. No one is asking to see Sonic’s entire family tree here.

They’re also promoting a Baby Sonic keychain going on sale in Japan. However, there’s no telling if it’ll be available in other countries as well. If demand for Baby Yoda merchandise is any indication, SEGA and Paramount Pictures would profit well from selling it worldwide.

Baby Sonic 2

Sonic The Hedgehog is slated to premiere on 14 February 2020. See the kawaii-ness of Baby Sonic in the trailer below.


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