The Mandalorian Is Getting A Second Season Late 2020

I won’t mince words here: The Mandalorian TV series on Disney+ is the best thing to happen in the Star Wars storyline canon since the Expanded Universe and The Old Republic storylines. And I’m happy to report that it’s getting a second season.

A tweet from show overseer Jon Favreau confirms that the second season of the show that also stars Baby Yoda is coming out Fall 2020 and may feature a Gamorrean or two. Coincidentally, this is the Southeast Asian release window of Disney+, since most of us are watching this show via VPNs and paying a bit on our overseas-approved credit cards. 

What else can I say about the show apart from it emphasizing the “Western” feel of the Star Wars series, focuses on one of the most interesting and badass races in the show’s lore, and also introducing new ways of telling Star Wars stories that aren’t a complete rehash of the original and prequel trilogy?

Nothing. So go watch it if you haven’t. I heard the last episode has a few story revelations that is sure to get your Force hype levels pumping.

Oh, and we should also thank The Mandalorian for bringing back the “concept art at the end credits” bookend en vogue. Beautiful stuff.

Author: Mr Toffee

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