Kakuchopurei Best of 2019: Total War – Three Kingdoms

Total War: Three Kingdoms (TW3K) plays off like an elaborate 200-episode drama which you, the player assume the role as Director sans the control over the outcome of a big battle. Or sometimes, betrayal and defection.

After a brief venture into the fantasy-like setting via the world of Warhammer followed by a forgettable return to hard reality via Thrones of Britannia, Creative Assembly (CA) straddles fact and fiction by tackling what is easily the most famous literary export from China in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

liu bei trio

I was skeptical at first on whether I’d actually enjoy a Total War game set in this period. Pretty soon, I found myself 300-hours knee-deep into the game which is chock full with content I didn’t know I needed prior.

In fact, I am now having a hard time picturing future Total War games without such attention to detail.

With the ability to form and grow your faction from a vast cast of generals, you will create your own convoluted yet digestible web filled with relationships, allies and turncoats. I’d go as far to declare that this TW3K save might even surpass the original material.

Creative Assembly have perfected the formula in making their titles accessible to all while keeping the hardcore base happy. They did so by allowing newbies and veterans alike to play the game whichever way they prefer with its wealth of streamlined options.

In other words, do not be perturbed or have second guesses in picking up TW3K even if you haven’t played any Total War games prior. That leap of faith alone would reward you with one of the most gorgeous, elaborate and satisfying turn-based RTS of its kind.




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