New Mutants Trailer Unveils First Look At Magik’s Soulsword

20th Century Fox’s The New Mutants is finally going to see the light of day, as it receives a brand new full-length trailer in anticipation for its upcoming release. Originally slated to release in early 2018, the movie will now be releasing a whole two years later on 3 April 2020.

Unlike any of the previous X-Men movies, The New Mutants has a horror vibe to it but is still very much a movie about a bunch of kids with superpowers. They find themselves being held against their will in a hospital but will have to band together and fight to escape.

The New Mutants stars Anya Taylor-Joy as fan-favourite Russian mutant Illyana Rasputin or Magik, Game Of Thrones’ Maisie Williams as the shapeshifter werewolf Rahne Sinclair or Wolfsbane, Stranger Things’ Charlie Heaton as Sam Guthrie or Cannonball, Henry Zaga plays Roberto da Costa or Sunspot, and Blu Hunt as Danielle Moonstar or Mirage.

In the final moments of the trailer, we see Magik powering up, manifesting both her armour and iconic Soulsword weapon when facing the antagonist Demon Bear. The bear’s powers include super-strength, teleportation and corruption of souls.

This movie will technically be the last of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men movies, now that Disney and Marvel Studios has regained access to the X-Men IP. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.


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