Overwatch 2 Reportedly Set To Release This Year


Overwatch is getting a sequel. We’ve all known that since it was officially announced during BlizzCon 2019. They even released a cinematic trailer. What they didn’t give us was a release date.

A lot of fans have been speculating that Overwatch 2 is coming out this year and a recently deleted tweet from PlayStation Brasil might have confirmed that. Brazilian gaming website Voxel managed to take a screenshot before the tweet was deleted.

The very first sentence of the tweet basically translates to “2020 will be the year that Overwatch 2 comes to PS4”. The link at the end of the tweet leads to an interview between PlayStation and assistant game director at Blizzard Aaron Keller.

Seeing as how the PlayStation Brasil Twitter account is an official validated account and the tweet was deleted, it’s highly likely that it’s true. However, a lot of people are already expecting the game to drop later this year so it’s not too big of a reveal.

Overwatch 2’s biggest new feature (compared to its predecessor) is a co-op mode that will pit players against hordes of A.I. enemies. It will also come with new maps and game modes.

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