AESF Opens First SEA Regional Office In Bangkok

The Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) is going to host its first ever e-Masters esports circuit this year. Countries throughout Asia will be sending representatives so it’s only appropriate that AESF opens a regional office here in Southeast Asia.

AESF director general Sebastian Lau (middle) and TESF president Santhi Lothong (right).

The AESF has announced that its first regional office in the Southeast Asian region will be situated in Bangkok, Thailand. AESF director general Sebastian Lau cites that Bangkok was chosen was for geographical reasons and also thanks to the great support shown by Thailand E-Sports Federation (TESF).

“We at the TESF are very happy of AESF’s recognition of our commitment and support for the greater cause of developing esports in Asia.”

– Santhi Lothong, TESF president

To serve its role as the epicenter of esports in SEA, the regional office will be launching its first IP called the SEA Amateur League. No details have been revealed yet but is aimed to be a “stepping stone for aspiring esports athletes aiming to break into the professional scene”.


Other exciting details about the upcoming AESF e-Masters were also shared. In the spirit of broadening the scope of esports, the tournament will also feature Drone Racing. Wanraya Wannapong, the world’s first female Drone Racing champion will be attending the event.

The AESF e-Masters Chengdu 2020 will run from 22 February to 1 March 2020. Games that will be competed at the event include League of Legends, Pro Evolution Soccer, Arena of Valor, and Warcraft III. The total prize money for the entire tournament amounts to US$710,000.

You can read the AESF’s official announcement here.

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