All The News Announced In Pokémon Direct January 2020

Nintendo is starting off 2020 with a bang. With Pokemon Sword & Shield being one of the Nintendo Switch’s most popular games, they let it take the spotlight for this year’s first Nintendo Direct, aptly called Pokémon Direct 1.9.2020.

Here’s everything that was announced in the livestream:

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

It’s been about four years since the release of the last Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. We’re finally getting a remake this year in the form of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.

The game will be a Switch exclusive (duh) and is coming out on 6 March 2020. It will feature the return of the roguelike dungeon-crawling experience fans of the series have come to love.

If you’re interested in trying it out, a demo is now available on the Nintendo e-Shop so go try it out!

Expansion Passes For Pokémon Sword And Pokémon Shield

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Your adventure in the new Pokémon games aren’t over yet. Game Freak has announced an expansion pass for each version of the game. Buying the pass will let you access both of the game’s upcoming DLCs: the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra.

Both DLCs are named after the new regions that are unlocked by those who purchase them. More than 200 Pokémon will be added to game through the DLCs. That includes Pokémon from past games who didn’t appear in Sword & Shield and new ones.

The expansion passes can be pre-ordered right now for US$29.99 (~RM125). The Isle of Armor will arrive in June 2020 while the Crown Tundra is expected to drop later in fall 2020.

The Isle Of Armor

Coming in June 2020, the Isle of Armor will add a ton of new exciting content to the game. There will be a new dojo for players to apprentice at and of course, a new mentor. You’ll be training under the tutelage of Mustard, a former champion who is also Leon’s mentor.

That package wouldn’t be complete without a new rival and the Isle of Armor will give you one based on the version you’re playing. Sword players will get poison-type user Klara as their new rival while Shield players will get psychic-type user Avery.

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The true highlight of the Isle of Armor is the addition of a new legendary Pokémon called Kubfu, a fighting-type Pokémon. It can be evolved into Urshifu, a Pokémon with two combat styles: Single-Strike Style (dark-type damage) and Rapid-Strike Style (water-type damage).

Urshifu will also have two distinct gigantamax forms based on his combat style. Each one has a different appearance and a different g-max move. Once you’ve completed your training under Mustard, you can bring Urshifu to online battles and official competitions.

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Love is also being shown to the original game’s starter Pokémon. Rillaboom, Cinderace, and Inteleon are all getting new gigantamax forms and new g-max moves. Last but not least, there will be new clothing items and accessories for your bicycle.

The Crown Tundra

If you’ve been itching for a winter-themed map for Pokémon Sword & Shield, then the Crown Tundra will satisfy that craving. You’ll be making your way to the icy region to lead an exploration team. Expect to find a mysterious temple and even a giant tree.

As how the Isle of Armor is getting Kubfu, the Crown Tundra will give players another new legendary Pokémon in the form of Calyrex. Not much details have been revealed about it besides that it’s a psychic-type and grass-type Pokémon.

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Crown Tundra’s cool new feature is the introduction of a co-op play that lets you and friends explore Pokémon dens. You’ll see Pokémon dynamaxing right before your eyes. The best part is that you can even catch past legendary Pokémon!

Similar to Isle of Armor, this DLC will add a bunch of new clothing items and accessories.

Pokémon Home

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Ever felt like bringing over the Pokémon you caught in Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee? Well, soon you can!

A cloud service called Pokémon Home will be introduced in February 2020. It will allow players to add Pokémon from the two games mentioned above plus the Pokémon Bank. However, this isn’t free. You’ll need to pay to have access to Pokémon Home. How much? That will be revealed soon.

New Software Update

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Soon after the end of Pokémon Direct, a new software update will go live. There is a bunch of cool new content that will come in the update so make sure you check it out.

One of the more interesting endgame changes is that there will be a higher chance for players to run into gigantamax versions of Coalossal, Lapras, and Flapple or Appletun in Wild Area max raid battles.

To get players even more excited for the upcoming expansions, players will get a special encounter at Wedgehurst station. You’ll bump into your future Isle of Armor rivals and also a Galarian Slowpoke. You can catch it and evolve it later in the expansions into a Slowbro or Slowking.

It’s good that Nintendo let Game Freak hog all the spotlight because there’s a lot of exciting stuff coming for Sword & Shield players. The Isle of Armor expansion is five months away but it’s already a painful wait.

You can watch the entire stream here:

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