These Are Our Favourite “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher” Covers

Enjoying The Witcher Netflix series? You should; it’s pretty good television. One of the memorable bits of the show includes bard Jaskier (or Dandelion if you’re still into the PC version) creating a catchy theme song for Geralt called “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher”.

It’s an awesome tune that has made a lot of us declare it the White Wolf’s official anthem. So much so that a bunch of YouTube musicians have created a number of covers on it. Here are our top picks in no particular order.

EDM (by DJ Cutman)

Synthwave (by Melodicka Bros)

Rap (by Mega Ran)

Metal (by Dan Vasc)

Russian Choir (by PhilharmonicOmsk)

Eurobeat (by Vikas Beatbox)

Acoustic (by Beyond The Guitar)

Piano (by Chelsa Comeau)

Violin (by Taylor Davis)

Ukulele (by Mimi Mitina)

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Author: Team KKP

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