In a post on Twitter earlier today, artist Tomomi Mochizuki announced the death of anime director Yuji Yamaguchi. Mochizuki worked with the late Yamaguchi on several anime series in the past, and he expresses his grief over Yamaguchi’s shocking death.

Yamaguchi was best known for directing Studio Deen’s Fate/Stay Night anime in 2006, along with the anime movie Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works in 2010. He has also worked on other anime such as Outlaw Star and Angel Links.


Yamaguchi’s passing is a loss for anime fans and the industry as a whole. I personally fell in love with Type/Moon’s Fate franchise thanks to the Yamaguchi’s Fate/Stay Night series, and it will always have a special place in the hearts of many anime fans.

Rewatch one of the most epic moments from Yamaguchi’s Fate/Stay Night below. Say what you will about Studio Deen’s adaptation when compared with ufotable’s (which many consider superior), but it was still pretty good in its own right.



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