Remember VVVVVV? The 2D gravity-flipping platformer made by one Terry Cavanagh with the awesome soundtrack?

Here’s a quick reminder. Keep in mind: you can’t jump in this game. You have to rely on flipping gravity whenever. Fun! And brutally difficult on your first few tries.

To celebrate this awesome platformer’s 10-year anniversary, Cavanagh decides to make the game open source. The news was revealed at this year’s AGDQ today, so go help yourself with the source code now at GitHub.

Here are some notes from the creator himself:

“I think even a peek of the source code will quickly reveal that VVVVVV is not a technically sophisticated game! Even by the standards of self taught indie devs, it’s kind of a mess.

I was young and more interested in getting something on the screen than implementing it properly. Maybe the best thing about VVVVVV’s source code is that it stands as proof of what you can hack together even if you’re not much of a programmer.”


Inspirational words, Cavanagh.


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