Want to inflict death by chocolate via Satan? Then try out this free PC game Satan Loves Cake.

It’s a Metroidvania 2D action platformer with a whole lotta retro & limited colour charm. Collecting cake will fill up Satan’s belly; you can empty it to get new abilities and skills.

The game is a tad tough, but that’s the breaks for these old-school games. Plus it’s free.┬áHere’s the description from the official website.

“Satan loves cake. Like, a lot. But one day, while watching the telly, he realises that he has run out of cake. Join SATAN in a delicious quest through (a bit of) Hell, while eating as much CAKE as possible!

SATAN wields a trident that shoots electric beams, that are able to tramsform his enemies into cake. Meet a host of enemies and bosses – and eat them all!”

Check out the 2D game in action. Looks pretty old-school and enjoyable if you’re into the 4-colour retro-styled experience.



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