While playing Teamfight Tactics or Dota Underlords, you ever thought “Man, I’d love it if this was turned into a battle royale game.”?

Well, you and other lucky bastards who wondered that are getting what you want. Ubisoft is currently developing an auto chess with battle royale elements. It will even be based on the universe of Might and Magic.


Might and Magic: Chess Royale is the next entry in the auto chess market. It will be released on 30 January 2020 for PC, iOS, and Android. Staying true to its promise of being a battle royale game, each match will have 100 players.

Don’t misunderstand. You’ll go one-on-one with another player in a match, and not directly playing against 99 players simultaneously. It’s just that you’ll keep playing one-on-one matches until there’s only one player remaining and they become the winner.


In order to facilitate that radical approach to the auto chess formula, Ubisoft is doing things differently. Going with a “lose quick, win quick” principle, they’re designing the game so that each match is optimised to go on for just around 10 minutes.

For now, there aren’t many details yet aside from the game having heroes and units taken from the Might and Magic universe. We’ll have to wait just a few weeks more to try it out. The game will be free-to-play.


Find out more on the game’s official website.


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