Remember the shrine that the main characters in Weathering With You visit? The one where they learnt about the legend of the weather maiden? Well, a priest from a shrine just like that one in Japan has announced on Twitter that he is banning all tourists from now on.


Well, it turns out that filthy Korean tourists have been exhibiting atrocious behaviour while visiting the shrine. One of the offenders was a YouTuber who recorded footage of the shrine and location without asking for permission. These Koreans have also been eating by the side of the road within the shrine grounds.

According to the priest, the tour guides leading these visitors also have their problems, as they often stand on the steps at the front of the haiden AKA the hall of worship, despite being told not to do so.

The reason why there are so many Korean tourists visiting the shrine is because the Watatsumi Shrine lies on the island of Tsushima, which is located between the Japanese and South Korean peninsula. Up to a whopping 30 or 40 buses would drop off on any busy day.

In his post on Twitter, the priest said (via SoraNews24):

“Let me say, if you think this is hate or a violation of human rights, please discuss it directly with me.

We cannot put up with the destruction of a site of worship.”

On the other hand, Korean tourists have also had their complaints. These include the fact that the shrine puts up Japanese flags reminding them of war atrocities committed by the country against Korea in the past, and the fact that the South Korean government has claimed that Tsushima belongs to them.

Oh, well, I guess non-Japanese Weathering With You fans won’t be fulfilling their fantasies of re-enacting scenes from the movie anytime soon or performing their New Year’s Prayer at this particular shrine.

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