Final Fantasy Now Has An Auto Battler On Twitch & With Fake Betting

It’s common knowledge now in 2020 that Final Fantasy Tactics is a verified classic; great battle system, lovely customization with its Job System, and a detailed Shakesperean story for the ages (mangled by its localization in the PS1 days).

But you know what else? It’s also a modder’s favourite as the game has been hacked to provide tougher fights and challenges, like oh say nerfing Thundergod Cid and making some Zodiac boss battles tougher than they should.

The latest mod for Final Fantasy Tactics is now sort of cashing in (heh) on the trend of auto-battlers. Basically, players can now bet fake money in a series of fights between AI combatants, with the last person standing winning the pot for the betting man/woman.


It’s dubbed FFT Battleground and it’s available on Twitch. Let’s break down the process:

  • Once you enter as a viewer, you get a balance of 1000G tied to your Twitch account. You can bet on the outcome of each match with your fake money.
  • Generally, eight teams will go through a gauntlet to get a shot at the champion in a tournament series. Whoever wins the final match becomes the new champion for another set of tournament competitors to aim for.
  • Furthermore, you can even spend some of your fake money to choose a target combatant’s class. Whomever you bet on will earn experience that will net you new skills to apply to other fighters you bet on.

If you’ve played Salty Bet, it’s more or less an updated version of that but with noseless FF characters. Check out the AI fights below on this livestream. Be warned: it’s pretty dang fast!

Watch live video from FFTBattleground on

Note to Square Enix: after you’re done with FFVII Remake and Marvel’s Avengers, please make a Final Fantasy auto battler. Thanks!

Author: Mr Toffee

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