The Flash Of Two Universes Finally Meet In Crisis On Infinite Earths

The second and final part of Crisis On Infinite Earths arrives today with two episodes of Arrow and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, respectively. Crisis On Infinite Earths Part Four featured a surprise cameo from none other than Ezra Miller’s version of The Flash from the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

This marks the first time that the DCEU and Arrowverse (or CWverse) has officially collided or crossed over with. After being chased by the Anti-Monitor, Grant Gustin’s Flash finds himself in a memory flashback of STAR Labs inside the Speed Force where he comes face-to-face with Miller’s Flash.

Miller then asks if Gustin is cosplaying as him before Gustin replies by saying that “I’m also The Flash”. This confuses Miller’s Flash since he hasn’t settled on a superhero name just yet. After that, both Flashes reveal to each other their shared name; Barry Allen.

The scene ends when Miller fades away, saying, “I told Victor this was possible,” which refers to Victor Stone AKA Cyborg (played by Ray Fisher in the movies).

What this all means is that the DCEU is now almost officially part of the same Multiverse as the Arrowverse, Smallville, Batman 1966, Tim Burton’s Batman, and many other alternate Earths.

However, it’s difficult to confirm if this will lead to something else in the future or just remain a one-off fun easter egg for fans. I believe it’s just the latter, especially considering the logistics of trying to cross over TV and movie universes often.

Check out the meeting of two Flashes in the clip below:


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