There’s Going To Be A Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Tournament League…

The devs at NWay are still trucking on with their love letter to the Americanized Super Sentai franchise Power Rangers by way of a pretty cool 3v3 fighting game. And because “why not?”, there’s going to be a nationwide tournament for the game. Check out the snazzy video below:

The catch? It’s only in the US. Keep in mind that Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is not officially out in Asia regions. Probably because the region still holds the rights for the Japanese super sentai license, not so much the Hasbro/Lionsgate license.

If that isn’t deterring you and you happen to be darn good at this 3v3 title, you may want to head down to the following stops for these US-based fighting game majors.

  • Frosty Faustings (January 17-18, Chicago)
  • Final Round (March 20-22, Atlanta)
  • NorCal Regionals (April 10-12, San Jose)
  • April Annihilation (April 10-12, New Jersey)
  • ComboBreaker (May 23-25, Chicago)
  • CEO Gaming (June 26-28, Orlando)
  • Evolution 2020 (July 31 – August 1, Las Vegas)

You heard that right: there’s going to be a Power Rangers fighting game tournament at EVO this year in lieu of an MvC game. What a world we live in…

I played a ton of it last year. Truth be told, I’m getting a lot out of US$20 in this pretty good Marvel vs Capcom 2 clone, especially with the one-button specials and supers. You can play the game on PC, Xbox One, or PS4 if you’re curious.

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