It’s no surprise that a lot of people are bummed out about Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a Nintendo JRPG from last year, was snubbed from various major awards. That’s OK; we’re cultured enough to make it one of our top games of 2019.

So it’s awesome to find out that we’ll be getting more FE:3H later this year; the first major DLC for the game’s Expansion Pass has been announced. Titled Cindered Shadows, this DLC focuses on a fourth secret house called the Ashen Wolves, a faction who shuns the light of day and act as the secret protectors of the Garreg Mach order.

It features four pretty boy/girl edgelords and nihilists Constance, Yuri, Hapi, and Balthus. Yes, you’ll be using only four of these when you start out with them, which makes this the “hard” version of FE:3H. You know, in case you thought the Black Eagles weren’t hardcore enough. Better get busy with that tea party recruiting! \


I’ll bet you we’ll be getting our slew of internet artwork in a couple of days prior to this announcement. Look forward to more FE:3H with this side story when it’s out 13th February. In the meantime, check out our glowing praises for Nintendo’s latest meal ticket anime RPG here and here. 




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