New World Of Warcraft Update Features Eldritch Horrors

MMO fans will be getting a kick out of WoW’s latest update.

Just before the upcoming Shadowlands expansion releases, Blizzard will be capping off the week with Visions of N’Zoth update. It opens with the Alliance and Horde banding together to defeat the Old God N’Zoth who is spreading corruption across Azeroth.

This update is meant for max-level players, so you may want to gear up before taking on the quest(s). You’ll be visiting spots like Pandaria and Uldum, using special artifacts to protect yourself from debuffing insanity while being rewarded with all-powerful corrupted gear.

The update will also add in two new races to the roster; you can either play as an Alliance Mechagnome or a Horde Vulpera. It all boils down to whether you like cute bots or cute foxes. Regardless of your choice, have fun with the grind!

Author: Team KKP

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