Nintendo reveals its latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC character: Byleth from the award-winning Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Both the male and female version of the professor, FYI.

So what’s cool about Byleth?

  • He/she can use either one of the Creator’s relics (ie the superweapons in Fire Emblem: Three Houses): the Sword of the Creator, the Areadbhar spear, the Aymr axe, and the Failnaught bow.
  • The relics correspond to the directional input that goes with your attack input. Up + attack is the Sword, forward + attack is the Areadbhar, down + attack is the Aymr, and neutral + attack is the bow.
  • Byleth is a ranged demon when it comes to spacing and zoning, but their throw range and movement speed are below average.
  • Byleth seems to have a LOT of cooldown for their powerful moves be it the Areadbhar attacks or the Failnaught full charge. So you may want to mix it up when fighting against the counter-savvy Fire Emblem characters.

This new character will be out on 28th January as a US$5.99 Challenger Pack 5 DLC. Check out the full video of the stream right after these screenshots.






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