Have you ever had the urge to play your favourite games at places that you shouldn’t or can’t? Sure, you can game on mobile or the Nintendo Switch, but some games are only available on consoles or PC. Recently, a gamer couldn’t stand waiting for his flight that he actually hooked up his freaking PS4 to an airport monitor.

While waiting for his flight on 16 January 2020, a dude at Portland International Airport decided to grab a seat in front of the board that details all the departures and stuff. He took his PS4 and hijacked one of the monitors to play a match of Apex Legends.

I don’t know how long he was able to do this for, but he couldn’t even finish a single match since airport security confronted him. Even then, he reportedly asked if he could politely finish the game, before being forced to unplug and turn it off because of the information on the terminal was essential to other passengers.

Apex Legends Airport 2

It’s amazing how dedicated (or obsessed) this gamer is when it comes to Apex Legends, so much so that he couldn’t even patiently wait for his flight like any other normal person. Still, I have to applaud him for how nonchalantly he just hooked up his PS4 to the airport monitor.

I recommend that the guy get himself a Nintendo Switch or something to stave off his gaming urges during times like these. I’m sure he’ll survive a day or two without Apex Legends. Perhaps all Apex Legends players (or battle royale fans, for that matter) are secretly like this, we’ll never know for sure.

(Image Credits: Stefan Dietz for The Oregonian via KXL)



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