If you’re one of those Mortal Kombat 11 players who wished that Joker made an appearance in R-rated form, well you won’t have to wait too long.

The recent Joker trailer for MK11 is out, featuring a lot of Clown Prince of Crime mixups and shenanigans featuring exploding hostages, wheelchair-bound fools, and boxing glove punches to the Nether(Realms) regions.

Major props to the devs for putting in his patented “beat Jason Todd with a pipe until he’s half-dead” move for his Fatal Blow.

Furthermore, a bunch of DC Comics skins will be made available for certain characters. Baraka will be donning Killer Croc’s outfit, while Noob Saibot will be The Batman Who Laughs (essentially a Joker toxin-fied Batman). Kitana will be cosplaying as Catwoman, while Geras can dress up as Darkseid.

You can get the Joker for MK11 on 28th January if you can get early access via the MK11 DLC pack. Everyone else can only get him on 4th February.

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