Game genres are often simple things. You can easily identify a game’s genre by comparing it to games with similar gameplay and themes. What happens when a game shares similarities with more than 3 genres?


Well, you get a game like Horace, that’s what happens. At first glace, Horace appears to be another pixel platformer churned out from the indie dev sphere. Give it a whirl and you’ll find out that it’s way more than meets the eye.

There’s obviously a lot of platforming in Horace but you’ll also find 3D sections, racing and skiing minigames, flying sections, and a few more surprises I don’t want to spoil. It’s one of those games that challenges what it means to belong to a genre.


You play as a robot named Horace. Your task is to seek out the people who bought you and bring them together again. You see, you sort of went into sleep mode and woke up years later after getting chummy with your owners only to find out everyone’s gone.

Do prepare tissues as the game has been known to be one heck of tearjerker. Worry not though, I also heard it packs a good sense of humour too. I’m definitely interested in trying it out soon.

Check out Horace’s EGS store page here.

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