Black Desert Online 2020 Roadmap Reveals New Classes, Region & More

Developer Pearl Abyss has announced the first half of the Black Desert Online 2020 roadmap. A lot of exciting new content will be awaiting players, including a bunch of new classes and more.

The first new class, dubbed the Guardian, will be available on 22 January 2020. She wields a huge axe and shield as weapons, as well as looking like kawaii female Viking of sorts.

That’s not all, as several new classes (including the Guardian, Witch, Wizard, Striker, Mystic and Lahn) will be able to benefit from the new Succession system. For example, players reaching a particular level will be given the option to choose Awakening, granting them a new weapon and a suite of abilities to use, or choose Succession instead, thereby keeping their current weapons and abilities but with enhanced powers.

In addition, players from the Shai class will also soon be able to create and play their own music, while other players can look forward to a new region Papua Crinea (where two adorable races are locked in a thousand-year war) and a story expansion where “the tale of the goddess Sylvia will finally be revealed”.

Head on over to the official website here for the full Black Desert Online 2020 roadmap here.


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