EMNS’ Top 10 Favourite Monster Hunter: Iceborne Moments

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is perhaps the only game I’ve played the most in 2019. So to finally put a bow onto last year, here are my top 10 favourite moments and features in Capcom’s latest in game-killing and loot-crafting. Enjoy!

#1.Arm Wrestle Win parts 1 & 2

There’s a barrel in the new gathering hub where you can arm wrestle with another player. In these two videos, I have won three rounds in a row (recorded from my friend’s POV).

It was glorious.

#2. Hold Breath To Win

There is a spa in the Iceborne’s gathering hub where you can sit in and also compete who can hold their breath underwater the longest. I won (also recorded from my friend’s POV). It was also glorious.

#3. Gold Rathian Fail

The meta shotgun build (using Zinogre’s Heavy Bowgun) has a powerful close-range attack and can fully block almost every monster attack in the game. Provided that you weren’t shooting while being hit.

In this case, I wasn’t shooting but still got OHKO tail slap by the Gold Rathian.

#4. Nergigante Clutch Fail

Iceborne introduces a new mechanic where you can use the slinger as a clutch claw to mount onto a monster’s head. You can then hit them with slinger ammo to flinch, topple or slam them into a wall.

In this video, I tried to mount onto the Nergigante’s head but for some reason, I got one-hit KO’ed by the Nergigante. To this day, I still wonder how it happened.

#5. Powerful Meta Weapon

This is one of the first fights where I used the Zinogre Heavy Bowgun, a pretty powerful tool in the meta. I got cocky and didn’t even wait for the Kirin to fall asleep to bomb it. I landed the killing shot despite the risk. It was truly a powerful feeling.

#6. Rajang Fail, Part 1

With said Zinogre Heavy Bowgun, I thought I could face every monster without a problem. So I challenged Iceborne’s first post-release monster: the powerful Rajang.

I tried solo-ing it and got a one-hit KO for my troubles.

#7. Rajang Fail, Part 2

At the start of the video, my squadmate was headbutted and sent flying to the left. A moment later he got shot to death with Rajang’s laser.

And right after that, Rajang grabbed me, threw me on the ground, and gave its iconic “one-hit KO” punch before I could stand and run. It isn’t a post-game boss without a number of hurdles, after all.

#8. Safi’jiiva Fail, Part 1

Safi’jiiva came with Iceborne second monster update, as a totally new monster never appearing in previous MH series. Oblivious to its movesets, I tried to dodge its mouth laser attack. Unlike the others, its head actually follows you around and exactly predicts where you are going to dodge.

As you can see, I clearly failed.

#9. Safi’jiiva Fail, Part 2

Safi’jiiva has one deadly ultimate attack called Sapphire of the Emperor where it hovers briefly above the map while breathing flame onto the ground.

After a few seconds, it sends down a small star-like ball that will explode and kill everything on the map. To survive the attack, hunters can hide for safety behind one of the few crags scattered around.

In this video, one of my squadmates didn’t have the time to sheathe his weapon so he can be seen hilariously rolling looking for protection and didn’t make it in time before the explosion hits. Quest failed.

#10. Safi’jiiva Success, But Barely

We managed to make it to the final part of the fight with Safi’jiiva, with only one faint left (three faints and the quest will fail). When Safi’jiiva suddenly pulls out its ground explosion attack, I frantically screamed because I was shooting and didn’t have the time to block its attack.

Coincidentally, we managed to kill it right before the explosion occurs. Quest completed!

I’ve got a few honourable mentions below:

Savage Deviljho Fail

Another example of me being too cocky with the shotgun build. I thought I could block every attack. I ended up being savagely stomped by the Savage Deviljho.

Shara Ishvalda Fail

Shara Ishvalda is the final boss in Iceborne’s story. One of its deadly attacks is its mouth laser beam. My squadmate and I were caught in the beam at the same time. Double ouch.

Silver Rathalos Fail

I went trigger happy with my shotgun and when I was about to reload ammo, suddenly the Silver Rathalos make a 180-degree turn and sent a huge fireball my way.

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