Internet Celebrates Same Day Launch Of New Doom & Animal Crossing…

Who would have thought that an id Software game about killing demons in hell and an idyllic village simulator would go hand-to-hand with each other? The internet did, and it has produced some tender moments between Doom Eternal’s Doomguy/Doomslayer and Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Isabelle in art form.

Maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that both games are coming out in the same week: 20th March. This odd pairing equals some incredible fan art and Twitter posts like the ones below (via ResetEra).


The appeal of the crossover is its role-reversal. Who wouldn’t want to see a pint-sized dog holding a shotgun larger than her entire body? Or see Doomguy in said idyllic setting?

My personal favourite is the podcast below.

Hell, even the Doom Twitter account is in on the joke.

More Twitter and Reddit posts below, in case you’re up for seeing this potentially loveable mashup to start off 2020. Here’s hoping there’s a mod for this when Doom Eternal actually arrives late March.






Author: Mr Toffee

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