The Official Version Of Toss A Coin To Your Witcher Is Now On Spotify

Admit it. Ever since you heard Jaskier’s Toss A Coin To Your Witcher, you couldn’t get it out of your head. You couldn’t resist humming it or singing it out loud. All that time, you probably also wondered “Why the heck isn’t this song on Spotify?”

Well, I’ve got some good news for you, my friend.


The official song has finally been uploaded to Spotify and iTunes by the show’s soundtrack producers. Composers Giona Ostinelli and Sonya Belousova are credited as the artists behind the track. Unfortunately, that’s the only song they uploaded so we’ll have to keep waiting for the full soundtrack.

On the bright side, it’s confirmed that the full soundtrack is ready for release. Belousova showed on her Instagram account that it’s “ready to go” but there’s no ETA at the moment when it comes to its release.

This is definitely a good move by Netflix, not just because we’ve been waiting for it but because YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes have been saturated with covers of the song as well as illegitimate uploads of varying quality. Just look at what pops up when you search the song on Spotify:


With news of a Witcher anime film being in the works and the second season scheduled to premiere in 2021, it’s going to be long wait for Witcher fans. Thankfully, we’ll have Jaskier’s voice to fill our heads and hearts until then.

Author: Burhanudin Zamri

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