The Idolmaster series has been in the hearts of many fans since 2005, at least in Asia. Its last major release on consoles was The Idolmaster Platinum Stars, which came out in 2016 for the PS4.

After a couple of years, we’re getting another one of these, which is sure to sell gangbusters.

Bandai Namco recently¬† unveiled The Idolmaster: Starlit Season for the PS4 and PC (via Steam). Unfortunately, there’s no news of a worldwide release yet, but it’s confirmed that it will come out in Japan later this year (via Gematsu).

Similar to other games in The Idolmaster series, you play the role of a producer working at a talent agency. Your job is to recruit young women who aspire to become idols and train them to peak stardom and success while also making some much-needed cash along the way.


In this particular iteration, you’ll play as a producer working for 765 production and your CEO is none other than the series’ own faceless overseer Junjirou Takagi. This time, he wants you to assemble a brand new special idol unit comprising of members from different agencies. The new unit will be called Project Luminous.

Fans of The Idolmaster series will rejoice to hear that the girls from four major Idolmaster titles will be appearing in Starlit Season. You’ll be able to work with the talented young ladies who appeared in from the original The Idolmaster, Cinderella Girls, Million Live!, and Shiny Colors.


As shown in the screenshots in this article, the game is running on the Unreal Engine 4. There’s no doubt that this will definitely be the best-looking Idolmaster game so far. Let’s hope it gets an English release.

More idols and info on the game will be revealed in April 2020. For now, you can check out a bio of all the girls announced so far at the game’s official website. Or just enjoy this one notable Idolmaster music video that paved the way for mash-up artists to create works of art like these.¬†


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