Here’s What You Need To Know About Apex Legends Season 4

It’s time once again for Apex Legends to reel in another season to get more people in on a superior battle royale experience. With new ranked mode updates and a new Battle Pass, Respawn is definitely keeping things fresh.

So what new changes and updates can we expect in Season 4? Here’s what we know so far.

Map Changes

The Assimilation season will be split into halves, with each bit containing a different map. This will last for six weeks or so; about a month plus.

On the first split, players will be competing on the World’s Edge map. If you’ve seen the recent developer stream, Capital City is destroyed and there’s some lava on most of the surface. Basically, you may need to find higher ground in this version of World’s Edge, but it should largely remain the same as last season. This first split will start when Season 4 launches and possibly end on 23rd March.

After that, the second split will begin. King’s Canyon will be back and will be available from 24th March to 5th May.

Some Series 3 Changes

This split is a first for the game, which means some adjustments will need to be made to the ranked system. After the mid-season split, players’ ranks will undergo a soft reset, dropping down 1 and-a-half tiers.

In addition to splitting the ranked season, adjustments have also been made to the competitive ladder. For example, the new Master Tier now replaces Apex Predator and is attained once you reach 10,000 RP. Apex Predator still exists, but will now be reserved for the top 500 players on each platform. It’ll be a highly contested rank that players will fight for throughout the season. After all, anyone who reaches the Apex Predator top spot will not be there for long if someone performs better.

Ranked rewards are getting some minor changes. These rewards are now generated based on the highest rank you achieve on either split. If you achieve the same rank during both splits, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive animated badges.

In addition, Dive trails will now be a reward for the following series. They will expire at the end of that season unless you manage to hit the same rank. Players who earned Dive trails during Series 1 or 2 will be excluded, however, and will keep those trails forever.

So Who’s The New Legend?

This one’s a bit tricky. Earlier on, Respawn revealed a new legend named James “Forge” McCormick, a melee-based character with Shatter Gauntlets. Then, Respawn released a promo video that led to Forge being stabbed by a mysterious character named Revenant during a fictional interview. If you’re interested, you can check out the interview site in the Sorting Factory landing spot on the World’s Edge map.

Speaking of backstabbers, Revenant was introduced to the game during the previous Halloween event. Reddit user VonHollde recently noted that Revenant can be seen in the background of Respawn’s Season 4 announcement page. Apex’s twitter page has been releasing updates after Revenant assassinated Forge, and there are several details within these posts that might give us a clue on what to expect.

A statement from the fictional “Outlands Television” network stated that they were accepting any information about the assailant (Revenant) but “If your information involves a MRVN with fantastical claims that he interacted with “another version” of the attacker on Halloween, please refrain from contacting the Syndicate.” After that fiasco, there is speculation that Revenant may make a cameo during the Season 4 split.

These revelations do not answer our question: who is the real new playable legend in Season 4: Forge or Revenant? Hopefully, we may get both.

About Hammond Robotics

If you’ve done your digging in World’s Edge and your Apex Legends lore, you’ll find out that Forge (i) may be alive and the one killed is some pretender to the throne and (ii) he was sponsored by fictional in-game company Hammond Robotics. They’re also the company that sponsored the interview mentioned above.

That name sounds familiar and is related to Hammond Engineering, which is the former name of the IMC. Or the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, a faction familiar to fans of the Titanfall series.

In that game series, the IMC was notorious for sending their fleets to independent human-occupied worlds to exploit their natural resources. The colonists rebelled after suffering the loss of their homes and freedom and formed the Militia, which sparked a civil war that spanned many worlds. Where does Hammond Robotics fit in? They’re the allied component of the IMC that acts as a manufacturing, aerospace, and defense contractor. They’re responsible for making the IMC Titans, Spectres, and Marvins. Yes, those janitor robots in Titanfall who may be Pathfinder’s ancestors.

Keep in mind that Apex Legends’ lore takes place years after the Titanfall Frontier War. So is Hammond Robotics making some sort of comeback? Will Apex Legends truly introduce Titan-piloting mechanics within 10 more seasons of battle royale wackiness? We’ll never know until later.

Know any other tidbits on Apex Legends Season 4? Let us know!


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