Southeast Asian company and Call of Duty Mobile region holders Garena has acquired Phoenix Labs. If the latter company sounds familiar, it’s because they are responsible for the free-to-play action-adventure monster-slaying clone Dauntless.

This move is considered a big bump in the company’s mobile gaming making and distributing portfolio. They have acquired all of Phoenix Labs and 109 of its Vancouver/San Mateo/California/Seattle employees. The purchase price has yet to be disclosed, but we’re confident that it’s quite an amount.

Both companies will build on Phoenix Lab’s development capabilities and explore new growth opportunities, as well as keep Dauntless alive and running. After all, Garena was one of the original investors of the company and title. So we’ll be sure to see Dauntless on mobile soon enough because Garena seems to love that.

Here’s an excerpt from Phoenix Labs cofounder and CEO Jesse Houston in a GamesBeat interview:

“The independent life comes with its own set of interesting challenges. We have been grinding pretty hard for the last six years and we’re at some kind of we’re at a fork in the road. What do we want to be when we grow up? The launch was really great.

We’re starting to kind of look more broadly beyond Western markets and working on what we want to do in mobile and in Southeast Asia and China.”

Press release blurbs from Garena CEO Forrest Li are below:

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome Phoenix Labs to the Garena family. Over the last few years, we have watched Phoenix Labs mature into one of the best development teams in the business and launch a hugely exciting title in Dauntless.

We also know that they share our mission of making great games, creating the best teams, and putting players first. Our skills sets are highly complementary, and we see many exciting opportunities ahead that our teams can explore together.”

Time will tell if the next few years will feature a Monster Hunter vs. Dauntless debacle. Garena has some deep pockets in making this future fight against Capcom viable.


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