The latest instalment in Capcom’s legendary and long-running Mega Man franchise was 2018’s Mega Man 11, which wasn’t quite as well-received as its classic predecessors. Nonetheless, it is still the only current-gen game in the franchise, and that still means something.

Fans of Mega Man 11 (and the franchise in general) will appreciate these awesome shirts featuring Blue Bomber. Priced between US$15 to US$24 apiece, they are each intricately-detailed with great designs and would make a nice addition to any fans’ wall.

Check them out below:

Mega Man 11 1

Mega Man 11 2

Mega Man 11 3

Mega Man 11 4

Mega Man 11 5

Head on over to the official website here to order your very own Mega Man 11 t-shirt in any of the designs above.



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