South Korea sure got a thing for fantasy MMOs, eh? So much so that they want to cram in other genres into the mix.

The latest hybrid process now involves the battle royale genre in the form of Hunter’s Arena: Legends for PC. Part action MMORPG, part MOBA, and part battle royale, this fantasy game from development studio Mantisco features the following:

  • Unique Character Classes – Classic MOBA-inspired character classes offer players unique ways to compete for glory. Every player class offers different strengths and weaknesses, along with countless skill and equipment upgrades;
  • Solo and Team Play – Players must balance aggressive and strategic game styles by going head-to-head or by teaming up to take down daunting computer-generated bosses;
  • Lightning-Quick Combat – A unique fighting system allows for strategic combos including parrying, a counter system and more for smooth online tournaments;
  • Gorgeous Arenas – Hunter’s Arena: Legends utilizes Unreal Engine technology to create detailed character models and an immersive world.

No release date has been set yet. The game’s closed beta session will start from 20th February to 23rd February from 6pm to 12pm GMT+9 every day.

You can sign up here, though slots will be limited as 10,000 players from Asia will be selected for this chance to try out a possible Korean PC hit. Hope you guys can read Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, because those are the only options available for Asia.


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