We Finally Get A Good Look At Revenant, Apex Legends’ New Murderbot

As with all good stories, this one begins with murder.

The official Apex Legends Season 4 – Assimilation trailer has finally dropped. Respawn managed to bamboozle some of us by introducing Forge as the next playable Legend but it’s confirmed now that the long-awaited Revenant is our new guy.

If you need some help getting up to speed with what’s happening in Season 4 in terms of gameplay and a bit of the lore, do check our summary of everything you need to know. There are some interesting background details regarding Hammond Industries in there.

Revenant seems to be an robot assassin that used to be human in the past but he wasn’t just any assassin, he was the Syndicate’s best. In case you don’t follow, the Apex Games is currently organised by The Syndicate.

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According to the trailer description, Hammond Robotics installed a program to trick him into believing he’s still human. Unfortunately for them, the programming has failed and Revenant now wants to paint the walls red with their blood.

We get to see a glimpse of what could be one of Revenant’s skills or perhaps his ultimate while he’s killing all of his target’s guards. He gains an ember-like appearance similar to the Shadow Squad we played as in the Halloween-event Shadowfall mode.

(4) Apex Legends Season 4 – Assimilation Launch Trailer - YouTube - Mozilla Firefox 1_31_2020 10_50_49 AM (1)

Another interesting tidbit seen in the trailer is that final scene of the little girl full of vengeance in her eyes. It’s highly possible that this girl will grow to be another Legend, presumably the leaked Loba.

I’m fairly confident that the girl is definitely Loba because her late father gifted her a figurine of a wolf. What’s “wolf” in Portuguese? That’s right, “loba”.

Revenant’s skills may have already been leaked months ago but of course, we don’t know for sure until Respawn tells us more and we get to play as him starting on 4 February 2020 which is when Season 4 drops.

For more details on Season 4 including information on changes in ranked mode and the new Sentinel sniper rifle, read our article here.

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