The upcoming new season for Apex Legends will present a new arena set in a familiar setting as World’s Edge receive a drastic makeover. Just like how King’s Canyon got an overhaul at the start of Season 2 last year, Season 4 not only introduces what is essentially a new map, it also comes with a new legend in the much-anticipated Revenant, a new weapon, as well as several new legend skins.

We’ve combed through the details so here are the big changes and additions to the game you’d want to know about.

New Battle Pass

Out with the old, in with the new. The Apex Battle Pass is back for Season 4.  Like previous seasons, players only need to fulfill Daily and Weekly Challenges for their chance to earn:

  • Apex Packs & XP Boosts
  • Crafting Metals & Apex Coins
  • Music Packs, Loading Screens, Quips and more

New Legend:  Revenant

As shown in the special reveal trailer last week, Revenant is the cyborg assassin hellbent on taking revenge on Hammond Robotics and what better way to hit them by creating havoc at the Apex games. How would our favorite legends square up against this deadly new foe? Guess only time will tell.

Revenant’s Kit

So many things were shown in the Season 4 trailer that you’d be forgiven if you missed out on a bunch. So here’s what we’ve gathered so far as well as intel gained from leaks leading up to today.

Revenant’s Ultimate, ‘Death Recall’ allows fallen team members to return to the fight after death but with a reduced health. We are still unclear whether this means you’re instantly revived ala respawn beacon, or immediately recover once you’re knocked down.

His tactical ability appears to be called Poison Bomb – and seems to work similar to Caustic’s gas traps but with a further cast distance. And finally, Revenant’s passive ability, ‘Infiltrator’ allows him to “climb walls higher and crouch walk faster.” -just like the Shadow faction in the Shadowfall LTM in last October’s Fight or Fright event.

NEXT: New sniper rifle, skins and a new map?

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