Itching Fields Fuel Sources


Fuel Source #3: Zor’s Planetary Flotsam – Go left from the alien tablet near the teleporter and continue on until you find a magnetic grind rail. You’ll need the advanced proton tether to cross it. It leads into a small cave with an alien fuel source.

Fuel Source #4: Festering Chasm – Near the Festering Chasm teleporter, there’s an alien tablet marking a Launch Thruster spot. That means you need the Launch Thruster upgrade to reach the secret area above. If you have it, just launch upward and use a Bombegranate to blast open the cracked wall.

Fuel Source #5: Festering Chasm – To the right of the Launch Thruster marker (the one that takes you up to the Lair of the Matriarch teleporter) find a small cave behind a blue mushroom.

Fuel Source #6: Fungi of Si’ned VII – To the left of the Infested Husk entrance, there’s a path that leads to a cracked floor. Use the Stomp Thruster to smash through and collect this easy Fuel Source.

Elevated Realm Fuel Sources


Fuel Source #7: Pillars of Xzorgana – Use the Launch Thruster to reach the tiny water-flowing island directly above the Pillars of Xzorgana teleporter.

Fuel Source #8: Pillars of Xzorgana – Beneath the teleporter, on the island, there’s a small cave that’s visible from the floating pillars platforming area.

Fuel Source #9: Pillars of Xzorgana – From the teleporter, go to the nearby floating island that you can only reach with the triple-jump upgrade. In the back of the island, there’s a cave entrance with a green goo and a cracked floor. The cracked floor lads to this fuel.

Fuel Source #10: Crackling Pedestal – Near the teleporter, to the right, there’s a floating island with an alien door. Triple-jump to reach the door, then jump off the island so that door opens — that’s your chance to blast the door with a Shock Fruit.

Once players have collected five, they may be tempted to go ahead and defeat the boss. This is wrong, however. Players wanting to unlock the joke ending should leave the planet before beating Teratomo.

For players that are having a hard time finding all of the Javelin Fuel, enlisting a friend for some Journey to the Savage Planet co-op can be quite useful when it comes to exploring, searching, and covering the most ground possible. It also helps to unlock the upgrade that pings nearby fuel anytime players use the scanner tool.

How To Return To Earth

Once Journey to the Savage Planet players have collected five sources of Javelin Fuel, they should then head back to their ship. Upon entering the ship, players should make their way to the cockpit and relaunch the Javelin if they want to be treated to a funny result.

The ending features a clip of Kindred Aerospace boss Martin Tweed having an absolute meltdown, and berating the player for not finishing their job.

There is also an ending to unlock for defeating Teratomo and then returning to Earth but there is some debate over whether or not it is the good/true ending. We’d recommend seeing this joke ending first before going to take on Teratomo and unlocking the full ending.

Or, you know, just watch it below.


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