The Best PC Gaming Mice Of 2020 So Far

With all that Ang Pow money you got from Chinese New Year house-visiting and elderly inquisition, why not spend it on the one thing that matters in PC gaming? Apart from speakers, keyboards, headsets, and graphic cards?

Simple: ditch last year’s mouse and get a brand-new one!

Yes, we’re talking about gaming mice for your clicking-slash-aiming-and-shooting needs. Which ones are right for you? Which ones from a particular brand is the best to use? Welp, let’s find out while it’s still Chinese New Year; it ain’t 8th February yet.

Just one rule: one mouse per brand. Otherwise, this list will be flooded with Logitech and Razer products. Speaking of which…


Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse


Price: RM269

The problem with folks like Logitech and Razer when it comes to these kinds of features is that they have a buttload to pick from. So for this instance, we’re going to narrow it down to the best all-purpose mouse that is worth shelling money out for.

And nothing screams “gaming all-rounder” like the G Pro Gaming mouse. Our first pick was the G502, but we rather suggest a mouse that anyone can sensibly buy and use price-wise.

Logitech’s G-branded baby is a deceptively simple-looking mouse that comes with a bunch of top-notch internal components like its spring-tension system and its PMW-3366 DPI sensor. That’s more than enough to convince people to pay a little extra for something that’ll last you a lot longer than a few years worth of gaming.

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