Basilisk V2


Price: RM322

Just like how we start big, we end big. And maybe costly.

Truth be told, Razer has a price and luxury exclusion problem despite its quality build for most of its devices. The company makes too many goshdarn mice for different kinds of players, and they’re mostly premiums.

Having said that, if we had to pick an all-rounder like with Logitech, we’ll go with the recently-released Basilisk V2. Yes, the Deathadder and its Elite/V2 counterpart is arguably better, but we felt the Basilisk V2 would be appropriate for this generation of gamers in-tune with shooters like Apex Legends, Overwatch, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ruling the gaming roost in 2020. With adjustable mouse wheel resistance, comfortable ergonomics, and high-level in-game performance, this mouse can’t be beaten.

We do wish the mouse wheel resistance button is placed somewhere more convenient instead of underneath the device. But that’s the only bad thing we can say about this sleek bad boy gaming mice of 2020.

What are your favourite gaming mice? Which among these mice are you using for your PC gaming? Let us know!

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