Ranking The Best And Worst Spider-Man Movies

5. Spider-Man


Starting from this point on the list, every movie is recommended. The only reason why Raimi’s first Spider-Man is at number 5 is because every other movie in the top 4 spots is just really good.

The masses learnt the saying “With great power, comes great responsibility” from this movie. Ever since then, every other movie has tried to encapsulate the quote without directly saying it.

To me, that quote alone and how the movie properly relays it to the audience are enough for me to recommend the movie. Parker’s struggle in living with the guilt and responsibility of being a superhero is beautifully portrayed in this movie.

Another plus for the movie is Willem Dafoe’s portrayal of Norman Osborn AKA the Green Goblin. Dafoe’s hammy delivery of lines and his erratic facial expressions are some of the most enjoyable things I’ve seen in superhero cinema.


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Author: Burhanudin Zamri

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