Will Bayonetta 2 & Future Sequels Go Multiplatform? Maybe…

Bayonetta 2 is a pretty awesome action game that features a ton of awesome battle setpieces and some Nintendo-branded fanservice. But wouldn’t it be nice if the game went multiplatform and end up on PC, PS4, and Xbox One?

Well, keep wishing, because that may not happen anytime soon. The keyword here is “may” because right now Nintendo and Sega own both halves of the intellectual property rights of the Bayonetta series. PlatinumGames producer Atsushi Inaba said on an IGN Japan interview that the company is interested in self-publishing the series if they can buy it back from the aforementioned parties.

However, the money they need to do that would have to be higher than whatever amount they raised for the Kickstarter campaign for The Wonderful 101 ports. And I already know that’s a ton of money already for the latter.

In related news, a lot of us are still waiting for news on Bayonetta 3. Maybe during E3 period, perhaps?

Author: Mr Toffee

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