PS5 Patent Hints At Potential Focus On Pushing Microtransactions

A recently filed patent featured on the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) official website has revealed that Sony Interactive Entertainment might be planning to push microtransactions on players. The diagram of the patent shows a user interacting with their console in an Alexa or Siri-like situation.

To understand how it would work, the software sifts through the gameplay data of players and the entire community. Based on that, the system, or digital assistant of sorts, will provide tips or suggestions on how to beat a particular level or enemy. However, they seem to also involve recommending microtransactions payable by in-game currency or real money.

PS5 Patent

While some developers and games offering microtransactions that make games easier is nothing new in the games industry, this new software digital assistant will instead work on a much more sinister level, offering expensive microtransactions at just a click away. This new system would be very predatory in nature, one that kids or even gullible adults could easily fall prey to.

Developers would be able to take advantage of this new technology if that were the case. Hopefully, this new PlayStation digital assistant guide tech will be used in an ethical way. If not, the gaming industry will once again be cast in a bad light, not unlike all the hullaballoo about loot boxes in games just several years ago.

PS5 Patent 1 (1)

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