Call of Duty veteran Michael Condrey started a new game studio under 2K Games early last year. Now it finally has an official name: 31st Union.

Previously, the company was dubbed 2K Silicon Valley. This team:

  • Features a lot of employees that used to work at Sledgehammer Games, known for making Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: World War II under Activision.
  • Will be focused “on a single new intellectual property and passion is the center of it. [The team] believes diverse perspectives and experiences are crucial to creating a truly global entertainment experience with a deep connection to passionate fans.”

31st Union will be the fourth 2K-owned game development studio with multiple locations worldwide. Other companies under 2K include Cloud Chamber which has studios in California and Quebec, Hanger 13 which has studios in Czech Republic, California, and the U.K., and Visual Concepts which has offices in California, South Korea, China, Budapest, Los Angeles, and Orange County.

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