Need a third-person shooter fix with co-op and possibly action RPG elements? Then developer People Can Fly can sort you out with its upcoming game Outriders.

The game is set in the future where colonists end up in a new planet called Enoch where dangerous creatures roam and other stranded spacefarers are engaged in a civil war. Naturally, you and your team have to defend yourselves.

Made by the same folks behind the very arcade-y and fun Bulletstorm, Outriders lets you pick between four unique classes in co-op PvE glory (or solo, if you hate people). The Trickster can use time-and-space bending shenanigans to dodge and evade. The Devastator can manipulate gravity to inflict damage up-close and personal. The Pyromancer fries things from afar with area-of-effect spells.

Also, while it may look like it, Outriders is NOT a games-as-a-service title. People Can Fly promises a “complete experience out of the box”, which is a sad thing to feature given the F2P and “incomplete games at launch” industry state we’re stuck in.

Outriders is slated for a Holiday 2020 release for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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