It’s already 2020 and the future, which means that it’s time for Logitech to start updating its webcam roster. As awesome as its current selection is, there comes a time when folks might want to start mounting their webcams vertically.

Enter the Logitech StreamCam, the logical update for the Logitech C920 webcam that adds a few more bells & whistles and a few extra dollar signs. You can mount it either horizontally or vertically, rotate it on multiple axes, as well as tilt it down at a full 90-degree angle.


If you compare the StreamCam at first glance, you’ll notice that it can stream at a faster framerate and higher resolution. Meaning it’s quite an improvement from the C920, C922, and Razer’s Kiyo to an extent. Check out the full specs below:

  • Max resolution: 1080p/60fps in Mjpeg (motion jpeg)
  • Focus/Exposure: Smart Auto
  • FOV: 78 degrees
  • Connection: USB-C 3.1
  • Microphone: Stereo / Dual Mono
  • Lens: f/2.0 – focal length 3.7mm

The catch? The StreamCam costs US$170, which is a bit more than the C920. But you’ll get a 3-month X-Split premium subscription for free. Also, you may need to get an external light source since the StreamCam doesn’t come with any. And it comes with a USB-C connection, but that shouldn’t be an issue if your computer is just a year old or two.

Good news though; with the StreamCam coming soon to Asia, the C920 and C922 will drop in price. Right now, it’s available in the US and many parts of Europe.

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