Mother Furious After Hackers Buy Thousands Of FIFA Points With Her Credit Card

Hackers are responsible for using a kid’s Microsoft account to purchase a whopping 36,000 FIFA points. Because of this incident, the mother of that kid, Lesley Urwin, kept in contact with Microsoft for 11 months. The company later ruled that there was no evidence of fraud.

Still, the mother continues to claim that the hackers were the ones at fault and not her son. In an interview with the Daily Record, she said:

“I’ve lost count of the times I’ve phoned and emailed Microsoft.

The boys have had no Xbox Live for nearly a year as a result because I won’t let them log in.

I am fed up fighting and I want to warn others. None of this is our fault.”

They eventually discovered that there were two extra devices linked to the card despite the family only owning one Xbox. The IP address of the hackers was traced back to Warrington in Cheshire, which is 400 miles away from their home. Microsoft has since fully refunded her for the full price of all the FIFA points, which amounted to “three lots of 12,000 points, each costing £79.99.”

This case is a classic example of why you should always activate parental controls on your consoles if you have kids. We don’t want this to happen to you. Security is no joke in this day and age, especially with microtransactions and DLC just a click away.


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