New Star Wars The Clone Wars Trailer Showcases Clone Force 99

We’re only a week away from Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 at this point. The new brief trailer puts the spotlight on the mysterious new elite force referred to as Clone Force 99 or the ‘Bad Batch’.

The teaser begins with the Republic in a dire situation as they’re losing more and more battlefronts as the Clone Wars chugs on. Mace Windu can be heard saying:

“We have more than a dozen active battlefronts and we are losing nearly every one.”

Commander Cody then suggests summoning Clone Force 99, which is a clone commando squad led by Sergeant Hunter. The elite team is notorious for their “desirable” genetic mutations, unorthodox fighting style and dangerously reckless attitude, which is how they earned the name ‘The Bad Batch’ (which will also be the official title of the premiere episode of Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7).

They will likely be at odds with the other Clones like Commander Cody and Captain Rex, as well as the Jedi accompanying them on the mission. It will be interesting to see less-disciplined and rigid Clones letting loose on the battlefield, especially as the Clone Wars nears its end.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 is slated to premiere on 21 February 2020 exclusively on Disney Plus. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.


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