Malaysian ISP Seems to Be Blocking Apex Legends Players from Logging Into EA Servers

Update 2 17th Feb 9am: The ISP at the center of this issue, TM Unifi have responded via Twitter, denying that they’ve been blocking access to certain games.

Their customer help account also added that they are aware that a number of players failed to connect due to ‘a number of game servers have been blocking a range of IP addresses due to bad logins’.


The question now is – which side caused the bad login? Is it the game server’s fault, or the ISP? Do note that players have no issues logging into EA servers on other games such as FIFA.

Update 1: Apparently, Monster Hunter: World players also face similar issues logging into the game where one hunt for behemoths and swing giant swords using their online waifu avatars.

If you are a Malaysian gamer and have issues logging into Apex Legends on the PS4 – you are not alone. We encountered this issue just a while ago as one of our squadmates who are on TM Unifi found himself unable to log into the game server. Thinking that it might be just your normal connection error (for Unifi users, that is), we troubleshoot to eliminate several potential causes.

Lo and behold – he is able to log into the Apex server when tethering via his phone which is on another telco service, Digi.

So guess the same issues where R6 players were unable to log into their game a while back has reached World’s Edge; Apex Legends players are forbidden from logging in to EA servers.

For control purposes, that friend of mine tried logging into another EA game, this time FIFA20 and guess what? He had no issues logging into the server.  For the record, we are using TIME at home and have no issues logging into our games – so far.

The only workaround we’ve discovered so far is to change the DNS to either or – both with mixed results. While this method enables one to log into the EA servers, you may encounter issues getting into the queue. However, we’ve received reports where the method works without a hitch. Our verdict: it does not hurt to try.

The reason for the block is anyone’s guess but from what we are seeing, it’s clearly targeted towards games which some folks consider ‘violent’ or contain elements of ‘gambling’ – which is untrue for Apex Legends as players are able to purchase specific items available in their store.

We’ve contacted the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to address this issue and will revert to you once we have anything on it.

Lastly, we’d really appreciate it if you’d do a quick check whether you are able to log into the Apex Legends EA servers and report back to us of your findings in the comments section below.

We would also certainly appreciate it if you’d tell us if you seem to face similar issues logging into the servers via PC.

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  1. I thought i was the only one. Also a UniFi user here. I did everything from restarting my router/ps4, call TM customer service to reset my internet port, doing port forwarding/open port, manually entering IP address on my ps4 etc. Nothing works! I changed my DNS to cloudflare. The game seems to be working but it is very laggy to the point it is unplayable. I really hope they sort this out soon. It’s the only way i can decompress after a long day of work

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