Guess this cements CD Projekt’s upcoming RPG as a “master race” product. Nvidia will be producing a limited edition line of Cyberpunk 2077-inspired GPUs as part of a team-up with CD Projekt.

Nvidia tweeted a blurry photo of a yellow-and-green GPU card with two fans. Take a look:

This brand of GPUs will most likely be the GeForce RTX 2077, since the game takes place in the year 2077. And it’s on the title of the game. That’s all we know so far, but we’re guessing the GPU will be out before the RPG’s 17th September release date.

That card looks sexy and all, but you will need a transparent casing (at least on the GPU side) if you want to show off your possibly-expensive graphics card investment. You’ll definitely need a PC that’s about RM10k or so to run this bad boy; stay tuned to a guide on building a computer to run CD Projekt’s RPG on PC.


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