TM Unifi Denies Blocking Access to EA Servers

Representatives from Telekom Malaysia (TM) Berhad’s Digital Strategy and Engagement reached out to us in response to the issue which points all fingers to Malaysian ISP, TM Unifi denying access to EA servers, particularly Apex Legends.

They clarified that they are not in any form, blocking access to EA Servers – or any online gaming servers in that matter. Hoping to quell angry gamers and disgruntled users, TM assures that they are doing their best to investigate and solve the issue that’s been plaguing their users in recent times.

Only recently, the ISP company found themselves in similar hot soup after R6 players were unable to log in to Ubisoft servers.

The short message in Malay also stated that they have identified and are aware of several issues related to the game servers involved which apparently have blocked several user IPs due to bad logins. The message read:

“Kami juga telah mengenal pasti dan sedia maklum atas beberapa isu berkenaan sekatan akses terhadap pelayan permainan video atas talian yang telah menyekat beberapa alamat IP pengguna disebabkan log masuk yang tidak sah.”

Several solutions were proposed yesterday which include changing the DNS to Google’s ( & which appeared to work for some. It seems that things have returned to normal last night as we didn’t encounter any login issues for Apex Legends. We’ll be sure to keep you posted should this issue rise again.




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