Needler Nerf Blasters & More Halo Guns Are Incoming

Ever wondered how it’s like to hold a Covenant Needler from the Halo franchise in your hands, for real? Well, Hasbro is here to satisfy your desire with its new Nerf guns.

As reported by GameSpot, there will be three of these Halo-themed Nerf blasters in total. Aside from the iconic Needler, there’s the UNSC’s MA40 Blaster and M41 SPNKR.

The Needler and SPNKR are part of the Nerf Microshot line. Each comes with two darts, so you won’t be able to shower your friends with needles, unfortunately. Nerf’s interpretation of the SPNKR resembles a pistol, but the weapon was actually a rocket launcher in Halo 5.

The MA40 Blaster is based on a weapon from the upcoming Halo Infinite. This one has a 10-dart clip, and requires four C batteries to fire them. The product also includes a code that lets you obtain its colour scheme in Halo: Infinite.


The MA40 blaster will retail for $50 (RM207.97), a sum which, in my opinion, would be better off being saved for Halo: Infinite itself. Meanwhile, the Needler and SPNKR will retail for $10 (RM41.60) each instead.

GameSpot notes that the Nerf Halo blasters will be available in “many” major retailers starting from 1 October 2020, but that date only accounts for North America. Still, I expect that we’ll see them in Malaysia eventually. After all, you can already get Fortnite and Overwatch Nerf blasters from Toys“R” Us.

They might end up being a tad more expensive here though; the Microshot guns on the Toys“R” Us site are listed with a price of RM49.90.


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