Animal Crossing: New Horizons Offers More Animal Crossing, Now On A “Deserted Island”

Nintendo just unleashed a ton of Animal Crossing: New Horizons info in its latest Nintendo Direct video feature an hour ago. Let’s go through the checklist and see what they’re touting as new features in a game that shackles you with debt and turning the objective of paying it off with fun times and pastels.

You Can Experience Survival-Lite Gameplay

When you start your game, you can choose between four islands to explore and camp out. Basically, you explore the heck out of the place and gather stuff (bugs, leaves, mushrooms, whatever) while you chill and relax. You can choose between the northern and southern hemisphere, each with their own rotating seasons that is dependant on your Nintendo clock.

There are still dangerous animals abound while you’re on your deserted island holiday, like scorpions and bees. You may need to use medikits and ointments so that you aren’t “damaged”.

You may come across a castaway at the edges of the island. To rescue them, just keep them company until they come to. If only real life castaway-helping was this convenient.


You Can DIY Craft Stuff


You can now learn to make your own furniture and items using the DIY Workshop. You just need to learn the recipe, then collect the materials from the woods and island. Get enough, and voila! Your own bed, chair, and whatnot for your island-relaxing needs.

Nook Inc. Mileage Program


Want some purpose in a game that doesn’t offer much of it? Then the Nook Inc. Mileage Program is for you. Do a bunch of random island activities to earn Nook Mileage Points, then trade those points to either pay off Nook’s debt for the island package, or get a bunch of exclusive stuff from the Nook Stop.

You Can Buy A House On The Island


Just like in previous Animal Crossing games, you can go in debt with Tom Nook and Nook Inc. again by getting a house. And yes, you can take your sweet time repaying back the mortgage unlike in real life.

You Can Build Your Own Diorama In-Game


There’s a section of the island called Photopia where you can scan your Animal Crossing amiibos and then pose them in a theatre with a bunch of its own props. Take photos, make them look good with the available filters, and then send it out for all to see.

Wait For Future Developments & DLC


Nook Inc. will invite more animal residents for you to recruit whenever you need to. The game will also add more remodelling and moving services. Free updates will crop up after the game launches; these include pre-seasonal events tied to holidays and festivals like Halloween or Christmas.

Do It Yourself

Once you get a special Nook Inc. permit, you can even pull out a shovel and remodel the island yourself, just like you would in games like Minecraft and Dragon Quest Builder 2. You know, in case you’re already bored with those games.

You Can Get Outta Dodge…


…and call Rescue Services if you’re lost on the island. This is basically the Animal Crossing equivalent of fast travelling to your base camp.

This is clearly not a game for me. And even so, I can recommend other titles that satiate that relaxing simulation itch for you like the latest Sims or the aforementioned Minecraft and Dragon Quest Builder 2 that offer some semblance of a purpose and objective. Still, there’s a market for people who like these sort of things, so you do you, I guess. Full Nintendo Direct below.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be out 20th March.

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